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2022 Landmaster EVx Crew Demo Clearance!

Original price was: $18,900.00.Current price is: $12,750.00.

2022 American Landmaster EVX Lithium Cruiser Demo. Only 50 hours. Regular Price $18,900. Clearance price $12,750.

2022 Landmaster EVx Crew Demo Clearance!


Options include Metal roof and HD Steel dry bed.

Rebates and 0% financing available

Bring something bold and different home this year. The EVX is the perfect, maintenance-free side-by-side to help tackle chores, enjoy time with friends, transport material around your property, or just enjoy a ride around!

Thanks to our unique L-ROSS (Landmaster Ride Optimization Suspensions System) you’ll barely notice the rumble strips, railroad ties, or large rocks you just plowed over. Your life will get a whole lot easier knowing you can tackle heavy jobs, loaded trails, tight corners, and muddy trails. Plus, you’ll have added comfort even in the most uncertain environments due to our unique coil over shock setup and supersport trailing arm.

• Towing Capacity: 1,200lbs
• Top Speed: 24mph
• Bed Capacity: 700lbs

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